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MARZ Award Winning Service
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get your drains flowing 


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           MARZ Award Winning Service Company can provide you with peace of mind knowing we can get your drains flowing with a variety of different equipment from small drain cleaning machines for sinks and tubs to the largest drain cleaning machines which can cut through those pesky roots growing into your underground pipes that are part of your main drainage system. We can remove Grease Blockages with our Hydro Jet which uses High Pressure water to blast away any obstruction. Don’t know why you’re having drainage issues? We can send our Camera through your line to see inside your pipes and diagnose the problem from within.

Need  to know where your pipes are ? We can send our Line Locator though your system to find out where your pipes are located. MARZ Award Winning Service Company can service any and all of your drain cleaning needs.

     Below are listed a few of the Drain Cleaning Services that we Offer.

•  Complete Drain Cleaning Service 

              •   Excavation for Water & Sewer Lines

              •   All City Violations Corrected

              •   Sewer Line Location

              •   Video Camera Sewer Line Inspection

              •   Backflow Preventers Installed

              •   Backflow Preventers Tested

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MARZ Award Winning Service Co. 

Specializes in all  types of plumbing services including Residential, Industrial & Commercial plumbing repairs and installations.



We Specialize in all  types of plumbing services including Residential, Industrial & Commercial ​plumbing repairs and installations.


We have Backhoes, Compressors, Shoring, Excavation Missiles etc. Everything you need to accomplish your outdoor Excavation. 

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