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Vincent Marzulli Sr. 

                                             Over the years, the service focus of Marzulli & Sons has changed. The hardware store was closed and after the construction boom of the 50's and 60's the company decided in 1969 to downsize and stop working in the new construction area. Marzulli & Sons withdrew from the Plumbers Local 690 and began to shift the company’s attention towards residential Plumbing and Heating ... In 1982, Salvatore's (Sam) son Vincent,


We Specialize in all  types of plumbing services including Residential, Industrial & Commercial

plumbing repairs and installations.


           Hello and thank you for taking the time to get to know us better, Marzulli & Sons is a family owned and operated diverse home services company. 

The Marzulli’s are a 4th generation Service Contractor

family, we have been serving the Philadelphia area for 

90 years and are grateful for the support shown to us over these many years by our loyal clients some of whom have been with us for generations . Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons that through their contained loyalty have given us the ability to offer quality services at reasonable prices for so many years .             

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We have Backhoes, Compressors, Shoring, Excavation Missiles etc. Everything you need to accomplish your outdoor Excavation. 


MARZ provides a variety of Heating services including Installations of All Hydronic & Hot Air Heating systems and much more

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In the mid 50's Michael Marzulli's eldest son, Salvatore, entered the business as a partner, the company

began to expand its services from residential to include new   construction and became union 

affiliated. Many of the homes, apartment complexes and commercial establishments including Tacony Post Office on Longshore St. located in NE Philadelphia have plumbing  and heating systems that were originally installed by Marzulli & Sons. Over 59 years ago the company relocated to the Holmesburg section of Philadelphia and has continued to provide services for over fifty years at that same location 8133 Frankford Ave. in Northeast Philadelphia

       "MARZ" is the service division of Marzulli & Sons Plumbing and Heating Company founded in 1925 by Michael Marzulli in the Tacony section of Northeast Philadelphia. The company was originally located at the corner of 4700 Princeton Ave. and Edmund St. when the doors opened in 1925 the Marzulli & Sons was actually called Marzulli’s hardware store. The store sold hardware as well as providing plumbing and heating services. Over a number of  years and under the direction of various family members over 4 generations MARZ developed into the Award Winning Service Company that it

is today. Michael Marzulli was a charter member of what is known today as the

Local 690 Plumbers Union              

Salvatore (Sam) Marzulli 


                                                                                         who had grown up working in the family business as a child was appointed President of Marzulli & Sons. Under Vincent Marzulli Sr. the the company further developed and refined the practice of residential service work and was a pioneer on the east coast  with the introduction of Flat Rate Menu Pricing. Since Marzulli & Sons had done so much of the original work in many of the homes in the surrounding area Vince Sr. thought it best to focus on helping those clients maintain their plumbing and heating systems and so for the last 30 years that has been where MARZ has applied the bulk its attention, although we still do commercial and industrial work Residential Services are the ​primary focus of MARZ . Our focus on residential service has not gone unnoticed as a result of the companies standards in the past 10 years; "MARZ / Marzulli & Sons" has received from their peers some very prestigious awards placing them in the category as "one of the Finest" service companies in the United States

* Note - Please see our Awards section  for complete details .

MARZ Award Winning Service Co. 

Specializes in all  types of plumbing services including Residential, Industrial & Commercial plumbing repairs and installations.

                                                                                In the late 1990's Vince’s son Vincent Jr. entered                                                                                   the company and currently serves as Vice President, accompanied by his brother Gianni who serves in the capacity of the office manager. At the turn of the century in the year 2000 the new millennium also came another change, the company decided to form a diverse home service division called "MARZ" (an abbreviation of the name Marzulli & Sons).  

Still family owned and operated celebrating our 93rd year of continued exceptional service to Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Our services today now include Plumbing, heating, 

drain cleaning, complete bathroom remodeling as well as diverse home services (drywall installation, carpentry, paint, tile work etc.) "One call can do it all". 

Today "MARZ / Marzulli & Sons" is recognized as one of the oldest family owned & operated (fourth Generation) Plumbing and Heating service companies in Philadelphia. The now Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Vincent Marzulli has been quoted saying; " The fact that our company is smaller says nothing about the size of our ideas ".


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