We have Backhoes, Compressors, Shoring, Excavation Missiles etc. Everything you need to accomplish your outdoor Excavation. 


MARZ provides a variety of Heating services including Installations of All Hydronic & Hot Air Heating systems and much more


MARZ Award Winning Service
Company can provide you with peace of mind knowing we can

get your drains flowing 


MARZ can offer a variety of remodeling services to fit any 
budget. MARZ is a one stop shop for all your remodeling desires 

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MARZ Award Winning Service Co. 

Specializes in all  types of plumbing services including Residential, Industrial & Commercial plumbing repairs and installations.

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          MARZ Award Winning Service Company specializes in all  types of plumbing services including Residential, Industrial and Commercial plumbing repairs and installations. Our commitment to providing our clients with exceptional service and quality products at a reasonable price is what makes "MARZ" Award Winning Service Co. the obvious choice to meet all of your plumbing, heating and service needs.

     Below are listed some of the services that we offer 

              •   All Types of Plumbing Installation, Service & Repairs

•  Toilets repairs and replacements

•  Sink & Faucet repairs

•  Garbage Disposals

•  Water Heaters

•  Basement Sewer Pipes 

•  Bathroom Drain Lines 

•  Bath Tubs

               •  Laundry Tubs

•  Water Line Replacement

•  Emergency Shut off valve installation, repairs & replacements

•  Tub & Shower valves

•  Backflow Preventer installations 


               •  Plumbing Certifications

               •  AND MANY MORE …



We Specialize in all  types of plumbing services including Residential, Industrial & Commercial ​plumbing repairs and installations.

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       Our fully stocked trucks are more like mobile warehouses containing all the parts needed for just about any job you have to do. This is a feature which $AVES YOU MONEY since we don’t have to keep running out to resupply but can do the job immediately after looking at in. MARZ Award Winning Service Co. was a pioneer on the east coast for the introduction of flat rate menu pricing another feature that helps to $AVE our Clients Money. No more labor and material charges, we simplified the process by giving our clients a flat rate price upfront which is based on the actual job requirements so it doesn’t matter if we are there 10 hours or 2 hours the price stays the same. For more information about the History of our company please see the About Us section of this site and thank you for your  interest in our company we look forward to working with you to resolve any and all of your plumbing needs. 

( 215 ) 338-4803

       Just about any plumbing problem you can think of MARZ can fix it for you.

We have been in business since 1925 and

if you live in the northeast section of Philadelphia there is a good chance that our company did the installations for much 

of the plumbing in your home, it is for that very reason that we have inventory containing many hard to find items that 

most people cannot get but we have since 

we were the ones who did the original installations.