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MARZ Award Winning Service Co. 

Specializes in all  types of plumbing services including Residential, Industrial & Commercial plumbing repairs and installations.

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We have Backhoes, Compressors, Shoring, Excavation Missiles etc. Everything you need to accomplish your outdoor Excavation. 


MARZ provides a variety of Heating services including Installations of All Hydronic & Hot Air Heating systems and much more


MARZ Award Winning Service
Company can provide you with peace of mind knowing we can

get your drains flowing 


MARZ can offer a variety of remodeling services to fit any 
budget. MARZ is a one stop shop for all your remodeling desires 

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We Specialize in all  types of plumbing services including Residential, Industrial & Commercial

plumbing repairs and installations.

WOW!! Clean, Quality, Great answered emergency call within one hour

this company is worth the charge they make rare today, can we hope for such dependable service. - Ethel Kerner  (Client for 14 years)  

Excellent Quality and Excellent Service. – Catherine Bovio  (Cust. for 13 years)

Quality of Service is always EXCELLENT!!! always willing to listen and help in whatever way they can “Honest and Dependable ”Ive been a customer since November of 1994. – Margaret Tarasiewicz  (Client  for 20 years)    

The Service was the Best I have ever had with any company. Politeness,honest and prompt service were such a welcome change. I'll recommend your company and your excellent work to all my friends.  Barbara Balutis (Client for 10 years)


Marzulli & sons saved me a lot of money, they promptly found the leak to  be a faulty toilet vs. an expensive shower replacement the company is service oriented the customer does come first and their work is high quality !!!

- Donna Gruber (Client for 7 years)      

Professional beyond reproach, Excellent Service. No doubt a future client      … we now have a reliable plumber –Mark Gibbs (Client for 9 years)    

We have always been satisfied with the work done by Marzulli & Sons   Joeseph Gould (Cust. for 11 years )  

Super Service – Super Work done. Will recommend you to everyone … Now we have a Plumber, Thank you – Mr.& Mrs. Bell (Client for 8 years )    

Everything was EXCELLENT!!! As always very professional, courteous, and helpful with all information – Elizabeth Craighead  (Client for 10 years)                              

The quality service was very good , also the reason why I am a repeat customer. Plumber was honest and upfront with me , everything was done as expected what I was told was what was done . – Linda M. Clesi  (Client for 9 years)    

I was VERY HAPPY with the service because of the speed of response the cost of the repair and the clean way in which they left the house.  – Joseph Clayback    

I called for “EMERGENCY SERVICE” and was greeted by the secretary  who handled my request in such a professional manner that I knew I made  a good decision. When I joined the Marzulli & Sons Discount Club 6 months later I received the same courteous and excellent service … Most important is that I would not hesitate recommending you to all my friends, Thanks again.

– Leonard. Kudgis (Client for 11 years)      

 Very Prompt and Efficient work … Well done. – Mrs. Stover (Client for 15 yrs)  

The Service was prompt and well done, the serviceman was congenial and       explained everything about the operation of the disposal.

Dr. Mary Brady http://www.philadelphiachiropracticclinic.com/ (Client for 5 years)    

The service I received was Excellent . The mechanic was very good at his       job I would recommend Marzulli & Sons to others. – Robert Beadle  (Client for 13 years)  

The technician was very helpful, he explained the work to be done and the cost before performing the work which to me was a plus . Excellent worker … also appreciated his cleanliness. – Dorthy H. Ferry    

**… Found you in the Christian Business directory your awards , BBB and    ad for Missing Children , Family owned (78 yrs) plus a prayer for the right plumber helped me choose MARZ … Technician was Friendly , efficient and explained to me what needed to be done , thanks .– Susan Blocksom   (Client for 6 years)​