WOW!! Clean, Quality, Great answered emergency call within one hour

this company is worth the charge they make rare today, can we hope for such dependable service. - Ethel Kerner  (Client for 14 years)  

Excellent Quality and Excellent Service. – Catherine Bovio  (Cust. for 13 years)

Quality of Service is always EXCELLENT!!! always willing to listen and help in whatever way they can “Honest and Dependable ”Ive been a customer since November of 1994. – Margaret Tarasiewicz  (Client  for 20 years)    

The Service was the Best I have ever had with any company. Politeness,honest and prompt service were such a welcome change. I'll recommend your company and your excellent work to all my friends.  Barbara Balutis (Client for 10 years)


Marzulli & sons saved me a lot of money, they promptly found the leak to  be a faulty toilet vs. an expensive shower replacement the company is service oriented the customer does come first and their work is high quality !!!

- Donna Gruber (Client for 7 years)      

Professional beyond reproach, Excellent Service. No doubt a future client      … we now have a reliable plumber –Mark Gibbs (Client for 9 years)    

We have always been satisfied with the work done by Marzulli & Sons   Joeseph Gould (Cust. for 11 years )  

Super Service – Super Work done. Will recommend you to everyone … Now we have a Plumber, Thank you – Mr.& Mrs. Bell (Client for 8 years )    

Everything was EXCELLENT!!! As always very professional, courteous, and helpful with all information – Elizabeth Craighead  (Client for 10 years)                              

The quality service was very good , also the reason why I am a repeat customer. Plumber was honest and upfront with me , everything was done as expected what I was told was what was done . – Linda M. Clesi  (Client for 9 years)    

I was VERY HAPPY with the service because of the speed of response the cost of the repair and the clean way in which they left the house.  – Joseph Clayback    

I called for “EMERGENCY SERVICE” and was greeted by the secretary  who handled my request in such a professional manner that I knew I made  a good decision. When I joined the Marzulli & Sons Discount Club 6 months later I received the same courteous and excellent service … Most important is that I would not hesitate recommending you to all my friends, Thanks again.

– Leonard. Kudgis (Client for 11 years)      

 Very Prompt and Efficient work … Well done. – Mrs. Stover (Client for 15 yrs)  

The Service was prompt and well done, the serviceman was congenial and       explained everything about the operation of the disposal.

Dr. Mary Brady (Client for 5 years)    

The service I received was Excellent . The mechanic was very good at his       job I would recommend Marzulli & Sons to others. – Robert Beadle  (Client for 13 years)  

The technician was very helpful, he explained the work to be done and the cost before performing the work which to me was a plus . Excellent worker … also appreciated his cleanliness. – Dorthy H. Ferry    

**… Found you in the Christian Business directory your awards , BBB and    ad for Missing Children , Family owned (78 yrs) plus a prayer for the right plumber helped me choose MARZ … Technician was Friendly , efficient and explained to me what needed to be done , thanks .– Susan Blocksom   (Client for 6 years)​


We have Backhoes, Compressors, Shoring, Excavation Missiles etc. Everything you need to accomplish your outdoor Excavation. 


MARZ provides a variety of Heating services including Installations of All Hydronic & Hot Air Heating systems and much more


MARZ can offer a variety of remodeling services to fit any 
budget. MARZ is a one stop shop for all your remodeling desires 

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We Specialize in all  types of plumbing services including Residential, Industrial & Commercial

plumbing repairs and installations.

MARZ Award Winning Service Co. 

Specializes in all  types of plumbing services including Residential, Industrial & Commercial plumbing repairs and installations.


MARZ Award Winning Service
Company can provide you with peace of mind knowing we can

get your drains flowing 

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